Latika Raisinghani_Engaging in Science_Creative Endeavor

Greetings All!

I am a science and mathematics educator from India who is passionate about bringing “Education for life” by inviting culturally responsive lived curricula in today’s classrooms. My father’s vision towards education as the “greatest wealth in life,” and the cross-cultural dialogues with my students (and student teachers) in multiple cultural contexts inspired me to pursue my doctorate. I continue my educational journey as a reflective teacher-researcher-learner and as a PhD candidate at the Department of curriculum and Pedagogy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.  My PhD research aims to explore Vancouver teachers’ perspectives on cultural diversity and culturally responsive teaching in science and mathematics classrooms. The intersectionality of Science_Creative project attempting to provide interactive, hands-on learning environments to elementary students and investigating their relational understandings of creativity in/and science intrigued me. I found it interesting to explore how science experiences presented outside of the typical classroom boundaries might influence students’ understandings of science and of themselves as being creatively scientific/scientifically creative.  The understandings of “creative literacy in science” explored through this project resonated with my own research interests where I am trying to understand how teachers see science and mathematics in contexts of cultural diversity of students and how they present these as culturally responsive learning endeavors to students coming from diverse cultural backgrounds.  Literature shows that intersectionality of culture and science and/or mathematics greatly affects students’ understandings of as well as their interests and achievements in these subjects. Similarly, students’ understandings of science and creativity as totally distinct or complementary or co-existential entities might influence their interest in science and also their learning of science.  In my PhD journey, I have been fortunate to serve, volunteer and participate in a number of UBC-hosted conferences, events, research projects and engage with the UBC and wider community.  I hope by participating in this Science_Creative project as a volunteer, I will be able to promote contextualized understandings of science (and mathematics) and broaden my understandings of what is education and how should we go about bringing education for life i.e. education that connects with lived experiences of students.
Wishing you all the best in your learning endeavors!

Kind regards,
Latika Raisinghani
PhD Candidate
Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy
Faculty of Education
University of British Columbia, Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada.