First meeting: Round up email.

Just for the record. The first email sent out (after our initial meeting as a team, with Marie-Claire on Skype) detailing our first “to do” list.

date: Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 9:06 PM
subject: Next steps

Alright! Here is a list of things brought up in the meeting. I’ve put them in order of priority:

1. Please pass on the following details so that I can set up GRA appointments. Name (as in on cheque), address, phone, birthdate, student number, SIN number. 

2. Marie-Claire asked about getting the permission letters [for participating teachers, students, and parents] written. The project description (available at the site where you’ve all been added)1 has currently been written to be a bit more open ended and can be used as a starting point for the letters. This text just needs translating so that everything is appropriate for parents and then for students (with all of the required consent language, etc). As soon as those letters are done, we’re basically ready to submit the BREB (aside for filling in a few further check boxes etc but that’s an easy step). This is with a mind to consider collecting data in earnest as of March 30th. (By end of week – please liaise with Marie-Claire if you have any questions here)

3. Setting up a google folder which we can use as an initial general repository of information and notes2. You will also get an email sharing the SCLS fieldtrip schedule doc. I’ll also upload the lesson plan info to this folder once it’s ready.

4. Steps toward informally developing and testing the laptop procedures. This basically involves setting up the chromebooks so that they are prepped appropriately. As mentioned before, I have an admin account that you can use to start creating gmail accounts for each chromebook.

Login info is as follows:
(username) xxxxxxxxx
(password) xxxxxxxxx
(entry point) http://xxxxxxxxx

There’s also the wifi set-up, but that is something we’ll have to do in proximity to the lab (details are on the bulletin board in room 229).

As a beta of our laptop usage, we could probably have students complete more simple questions (like the kind you might normally fill out at the end of field trip to for the field trip organization). Again this would give us some preliminary ideas but mostly would allow us to try out the procedures for handing out the laptops and getting students to do stuff on them so that all of that is smooth when we’re ready to go with full data collection. (Let Dave know when you’re ready to test things, so he can alert our instructors)

5. Another key task is for you to propose an observational framework (this means either a checklist or a table to fill out or something that guides and standardizes the process of observing the field trips and focuses on the types of observations that will be of interest to us.) We’ll start by having you attend the workshops and doing informal observations, not things that we will use for analysis but things that will help focus in on the most interesting elements of the workshops when we start collecting formal data. Here, you could also practice taking field notes to start helping each other get on the same page about what they’re paying attention to.

6. I’ve attached the paper3 that Marie-Claire mentioned would be good to look over. And I’ve penciled us in to arrange FOB access this Friday at 10am. Tathali: let me know what needs to be done in regards to your letter of employment, and Latika, I’m going to send you an email right after this regarding stipend specifics.

Dave and Marie-Claire


1. This web address is the portal to our ethics approval documents. For more information, please see this link.

2. Google docs was set up initially to organize our documents, but we have since moved all documentation to UBC Workspace service, in order to comply with Canadian server requirements.

3. (This one): Shanahan M-C and Nieswandt M. Creative Activities and Their Influence on Identification in Science: Three Case Studies. Journal of Elementary Science Education, Vol. 21, No. 3 (Summer 2009), pp. 63-79 (link to 1st page pdf)


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