And… we’re back…

So it’s been a while.

Actually, let’s call that a long while, since we’ve last been on this open research blog (about a year and a half actually). Some of this was attributed to life as busy academics, and some was attributed to life as we know it in the proverbial generalist way. But admittedly, most of it was simply because our SSHRC grant proposal was not funded – a big sort of research road block if you like.

But despite this, we managed to plod on; managed to find some alternate funding to begin the project in an exploratory and preliminary fashion; and now as we look around and take stock of some of the activities over the last 18 or so months, we figured it was high time that we should start this open research blog up proper again.

Anyway, I’m going to spend the new few posts getting us up to speed. Lots to talk about: this would be ranging from a brief discussion about our SSHRC comments (which we can’t directly provide due to permission reasons); providing a look at our three primary field trip lesson plans; archiving all our current research documentation (from job ads to ethics approval to the ongoing evolution of our short pre and post surveys); and (of course) to letting our three graduate students introduce themselves.

Hopefully, this process is interesting overall, if not useful for others who might be interested in such interdisciplinary interactions. Here goes…


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