O.K. So we did this grant writing hackathon…


Just got back from a quick trip to Calgary where Marie-Claire and I really had a good discussion over the concepts, methodologies, and logistics we want to enact with this research project. Then, yesterday, 10am on we pretty much hammered out a really rough text dump of what this SSRHC grant is gonna look like.

We’ll be posting these initial text dumps over the next few days (for all to see and mock our hurried hackathon-ish diction and grammar). Perhaps more interesting to those following, we’ll also post up our 1st edit proper in the coming days. This “official” version 1.0 is what we’ll take to our prospective research services offices (both UBC and UofC have these), where we’ll hopefully get some good feedback on why this grant is awesome, or (as the case may be), why the proposal is going to crash and burn.

In the meantime, here is some chicken scratch from yesterday’s hackathon that got the methodological elements on a roll.


Does it look cryptic?

I guess… maybe we should do this open research blog like how episodes of “Lost” would unfold? O.K. Maybe not.


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